Our hospital started serving in 2014 with the purpose of providing the well-deserved quality and reliable health services to the patients who chose us, and to help them achieve a healthy and happy life.

There are a total of 43  intensive care beds  in our hospital; 27  adults , 1  coronary  and 15  newborns . Other than these, our hospital has a capacity of 77 beds in 34 patient rooms.

All types of health services, which can be required at any stage of life, are being provided through our multidisciplinary treatment approach. Our patients are being treated by physicians who are experts in their fields, closely monitor technological and scientific developments and received training in the world’s leading health centres.

Diagnosis and treatment units, operation theaters where all types of operations can be performed, deliver rooms, single person suite patient rooms are all based on national and international standards and provide services to patients with advanced medical technology. Reliable diagnosis and treatment methods based on objective data, confirmed by scientific studies are being applied by the academicians and specialist physicians of our hospital.

With a modern infrastructure, and a service approach that concentrates on comfort and quality without compromising on ethical principles, we are confident of receiving the trust and friendship of our patients. We will be increasing our range of services to be worthy of this friendship and trust.