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Eye Aesthetıcs (Oculoplasty)

What is Oculoplasty?

Eye Aesthetics; A general surgical approach that covers the tissues around and inside the orbital region, where our eye is located in the skull, is called oculoplasty. Likewise, oculoplasty is also used in aesthetic interventions around the eyes.

Who Is Oculoplasty Performed To?

Fading oculoplasty, which has two different application areas, basically eye diseases and aesthetic treatments, is preferred by people with the following health problems:

Entropion: Oculoplasty is needed in the process of restoring the normal structure of the eyelids that have turned inwards.

Thyroid eye disease: In certain thyroid-related diseases, the eyes protrude due to unwanted substances accumulating behind the eyeball.

Cancer: Tumors in the eyeball and in structures such as eye muscles, lacrimal gland, etc.; It is applied to reorganize the area with oculoplasty during surgical removal.

Ptosis: Involuntary dropping of the eyelids and obstruction of vision due to some medical conditions is called ptosis.

Trauma: Oculoplastic methods are used in the repair of injuries at various levels due to external blows.

Tear duct obstructions: It can be applied to surgically correct obstructions in the lacrimal ducts.

Aesthetic applications: Oculoplastic methods are frequently used in interventions performed for various aesthetic reasons such as raising the eyelid or raising the eyebrows.

Prosthetic eye applications: Placing a prosthetic eye instead of the removed eye is also among the application areas of oculoplasty.

What Are the Risks of Oculoplasty?

Since it is a surgical intervention in general, oculoplasty also brings with it various risks related to surgery. A person undergoing oculoplastic surgery is likely to develop complications from bleeding, pain, regional infection, and anesthesia.