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Gynecomastıa (Male Breast Enlargement ) Surgery

Gynaecomastia; The condition that the breasts are larger than normal in men is called gynecomastia. There are two varieties. The first is the size of the mammary gland, the second is the accumulation of fat in the breast. It is also possible to have both conditions together.

Which techniques are applied?

Surgery is planned for liposuction procedures and, if necessary, to remove breast tissue. If the breasts are excessively large, it is necessary to remove the excess skin. You will be informed in detail during the pre-operative examination by our doctor. We can achieve better results by using laser or sound wave-based technological devices that facilitate surgery.

Does it create any complication?

You will get detailed information about the surgery process and all the problems you may encounter after the surgery, in the meeting you will have with our specialist doctor before the surgery. All necessary precautions are taken by our professional team, led by our doctor, in order to keep the risk of possible unwanted problems to a minimum.

Is the surgery painful and when can I return to social life?

Necessary precautions are planned before the operation in order to overcome this process in the lightest way possible. Social life is achieved after 15 days.