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Face Lift With Thread (Non-Surgery Face Aesthetıcs)

Face Lift With Thread is a non-surgical skin lift technique performed under local anesthesia. The process takes about 30-45 minutes, that is, it is applied in a short time. The patient who has the procedure can return to his daily activities immediately.

How it performs?

It is applied by injecting non-allergic polydiaxanone threads under the skin with the help of fine-tipped needles in a cross position with each other and placing them like a net. In this way, the skin and subcutaneous tissues with reduced elasticity are restructured.

Aesthetics with Thread Face Lift Method

The basis of thread face lift treatment is to create an environment that encourages the skin to produce collagen again, instead of the decreased amount of collagen. Threads embroidered on the problematic area also provide a strong lifting effect.

Threads placed under the skin create a reaction and begin to produce biological fibroblasts, collagen and elastin. This is a remarkable event that also increases the targeted lifting and antiaging effect in the thread face lift application.

Is it Permanent?

The threads, which remain on the skin for about 6 months, melt and disappear under the skin, but the effect on skin renewal, removal of wrinkles and sagging continues. This restructuring takes up to 2 years.

Where is Thread Face Lift Used for?

It can be applied for under-eye bags, smile lines, forehead wrinkles on the face, jaw lines, neck sagging, jowl area, arm area, postpartum sagging of the abdomen and hips.

Does it have any side effect?

The most important advantage of thread face lift treatment is that it is a non-surgical application. It does not require general anesthesia, it is performed with local anesthesia. In addition, it is a very short-term process; It takes about 30 – 45 minutes. The person who has the procedure can return to his social life and daily activities immediately.

What is the Post-Application Stage in Thread Face Lift Aesthetics?

It is normal to have mild swelling and bruising on the person’s skin after the operation, but this will disappear on its own after a short while. During the 20-day period after the application, activities that will put pressure on the face area, such as rubbing, scratching hard, and sleeping on the face should be avoided.

Who Can Have Thread Face Lift Aesthetics?

Skin stretching should be done by experts and experienced people. Practitioners other than these should not be trusted.