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Six Pack Operations

Six Pack Operations; Abdominal muscle, as we know, has a structure that looks like a baklava slice. You can achieve this look with surgery without the need for sports. It is very difficult to have an athletic body by doing sports.

The reason for this is the body’s fat ratio and distribution, eating habits, sleep patterns, in short, a lifestyle that needs attention. In addition, the tendency of the body to increase muscle mass and the distribution of adipose tissue in the body are under the influence of heredity.

Therefore; While some lucky people can have a muscular body without effort, it is very difficult for some people to have this body. It may not be very difficult to develop the abdominal muscles, but it is very difficult to achieve the desired image due to the adipose tissue on it.

Abdominal muscle aesthetics offers you a solution

You can have a healthy, fit, dynamic, athletic and muscular body with the shaping of abdominal muscle aesthetic surgery. This operation is filled with liposuction technique on the adipose tissue in the areas where the muscles are dimpled and ensures that the adipose tissue in the areas where it is bumped is protected.

In this way, the muscles become clear and visible. No external material or implant is applied to the body. It creates a fit and muscular body image by making the existing muscles in the body become much more prominent.

Who can perform Abdominal Aesthetics?

— People who cannot apply an intense exercise program and who want to have a muscular body in a short time,

– Men and women in the young and middle age group who want an athletic look,

– People who do not have obesity problems but have regional excess fat

– It can be applied to people who have difficulties in developing muscle tissue and making it visible.