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Teeth Whitening

What makes our teeth yellow?

Teeth Whitening; In particular, people who consume too much tea and coffee on a daily basis that will stain their teeth and drink, or who smoke, may experience yellowing in their teeth. In cases where brushing alone is not enough, teeth whitening is applied. It is an application demanded by many people today.

Can everyone get teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening treatment can be applied to anyone who does not have a tooth and gum disease. Before whitening, a dentist must be examined. If the person has advanced caries and gum disease in the mouth, the whitening process can be applied after the treatments to be applied by the dentists. It is not recommended to apply the bleaching process to pregnant women, nursing mothers, people whose growth and development has not been completed.

Is it harmful for teeth or not?

Microscopic and statistical studies have shown that; There is no harm in using 10 percent whitening solution. There is not a single study that concludes that tooth whitening causes structural changes and permanent damage to the teeth. Different concentrations of drugs can also be used to whiten teeth, but the dentist must decide how and how much to use them.

What are the methods of teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening in the office:

It is a fast, reliable and effective whitening application which  consists of whitening gel and light, which is performed in a very short time in the office environment with Power Bleaching, and can lighten the tooth color by 3-4 tons in a short time.

Teeth whitening at home:

Home Bleaching; It is a whitening process applied by putting gel into plastic mouthpieces prepared specifically for the person as a result of simply taking measurements from the mouth. Desired whitening is achieved in an average of 5-7 days. Although it varies depending on the color and gel, it should be worn for an average of 4-8 hours a day.

How long does it effect?

Although it changes depending on the tooth structure of the person, the whiteness remains constant between 6 months and 2 years. This period also depends on the person himself/herself. During and after whitening, substances that stain the teeth should be avoided for at least two weeks.