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Eyebrow Lift

Who Can Have Brow Lift Surgery?

Eyebrow Lift; Since it is an aesthetic surgery application performed under anesthesia, the brow lift operation should be suitable for the patient’s health status.

How will I look after the operation?

The lines and wrinkles around the eyebrows are opened in proportion to the upward pulling, and the eyebrow area looks both tighter and younger.

The image obtained after the eyebrow lift operation results according to the principle of pulling up and creating the most appropriate solution according to the existing problem. The resulting image is not confused, overly tense, or very high up.

Is There any Non-Surgical Eye Brow Lift Method?

Yes there is. With Botox, the eyebrows are lifted upwards and suspended. However, botox will be insufficient for very intense sagging and overdue problems. In addition, the botox process provides 6 months of permanence. However, surgical brow lift application provides permanence for many years.

 Can Different Treatments Be Applied Alongside Brow Lift Surgery?

Eyebrow lift surgery and other treatments can be applied together. With these applications, eyebrows and eyebrow area can be designed for a more wrinkle-free and clear image. For example, wrinkles can be removed with eyebrow lifting operations combined with skin filling and botox application.

Is There Any Scar After Brow Lift Surgery?

Although the incision scars heal after the brow lift operation, horizontal and line scars may remain. Since they will be on the scalp, these scars do not attract attention, and often scars close to the skin color remain.

However, since the scars will be in the hairy area, scar treatment cannot be applied with applications such as laser after the tissues recover. In addition, a scar treatment is often not a needed solution, as the scars are hidden and do not attract attention.