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Crack Treatments

What is Skin Crack?

Crack Treatments; Elastin and collagen in the dermis layer are substances that give flexibility to the skin. It makes the skin look healthy. As a result of the damage and rupture of these two important proteins and the weakening of the bond between the fibers, skin (skin) crack formation is observed.

In the skin crack, which is called “stria” in the medical language, visible deformations and deteriorations are observed in the skin. Skin cracks, which can be in pink, red and purple colors, are considered a cosmetic problem, although they do not affect the health of the person, since they impair the appearance.

What are the causes?

Since skin cracks are usually seen during pregnancy, they are also called “pregnancy stretch marks” in some cases. However, skin cracks are not only a skin problem that occurs during pregnancy in women, but also problems that can occur for different reasons such as rapid weight gain and loss, hormonal imbalances.

What are the methods of crack treatment?

With the developing technology, there are improvements in the methods used in the treatment of cracks every day. However, people who want to start the treatment of skin cracks should not forget that the area where the crack is seen will not be fully restored.

At this point, it can be said that the treatment methods applied aim to reduce the depth of the cracks and help the skin return to its old color. The main methods used in the treatment of cracks are as follows:


Another method that has been seen to be as effective as the fractional laser method and has been frequently used in recent years is the radiofrequency application. In this method, radiofrequency waves are given to the area where crack formation is seen through the needles on the radiofrequency device.

As with the fractional laser application, the aim of this treatment method is to stimulate collagen-containing tissues and to ensure the regeneration of these tissues. The number of sessions the application will take may vary depending on the depth and intensity of the crack.

Fractional Laser

One of the most effective methods used in the treatment of cracks is the fractional laser method. In this application, laser lights are provided to reach under the skin and to the area where the cracks are. Thanks to these laser beams, healthy tissues that produce collagen, which are necessary to heal the cracked area, are stimulated.

Thus, the production of collagen tissue, which was slowed down and decreased before, increases, and this ensures visible improvements in the skin. This method, in which damaged tissues are treated by stimulating healthy tissues, is used not only for skin cracks, but also for skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and removal of surgery/scars.

However, it should not be forgotten that fractional laser application should only be performed by experts in this field. Incorrectly applied laser treatment can cause bigger problems on the skin.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

In the PRP method, which is used in other skin problems besides crack treatment, first blood is taken from the person. Afterwards, this blood sample is separated and injected into the cracked area. In the PRP application supported by the fractional laser method, cell regeneration is achieved faster.


As a result of hundreds of micro-sized needles on the dermaroller device used in dermatherapy treatment, many channels are formed on the skin as a result of passing over the cracks. In order for this treatment method to be effective, stem cell extracts are applied to the skin. In this way, collagen tissue is renewed and cracks are largely eliminated.

Medicines and Creams

Creams containing vitamin C and increasing collagen production can be applied to support the treatment of stretch marks. Medicines and creams used as a supportive method often provide more effective results when used with other treatment methods.

Who Can Have Stretch Mark Treatment?

Except for mothers who are breastfeeding, everyone can realize their dreams of having a smooth skin with stretch marks treatments.