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Porcelain And Laminated Applications

What is Porcelain Dental Veneer?

Porcelain And Laminated Applications; It is a method of covering the tooth surface with a porcelain material. It is a method that is generally preferred due to aesthetic concerns, and it is also done with the aim of achieving a natural and beautiful smile.

This dental veneer method, which is designed separately for each of your teeth, is a highly preferred method by both dentists and patients. After measuring each tooth, individual porcelain veneers are prepared and then placed on the tooth surfaces.

How does it apply?

In order to prevent tooth decay and darkening in the tooth under your porcelain coating over time, the treatment first starts with tooth cleaning. After the tooth is prepared for veneer, your teeth are measured with a mold and porcelain veneers are produced according to these measures.

Since people will experience sensitivity after cleaning, a temporary coating is applied by your doctor until the porcelain molds are ready. Temporary coatings are usually applied on the same day.

Afterwards, your porcelain molds are placed on the tooth surface according to the set dimensions. With the help of an adhesive applied while placing the coating, the molds are used for a long time. After each tooth is attached separately, if necessary, the teeth can be filed in order to keep your teeth natural. After 2 to 4 sessions in total, the coating of your teeth is completed.

While anesthesia is sometimes given to the patient during the treatment, it is not necessary for some patients. The determining factor is the general condition of the person’s general tooth.

Who can get porcelain veneers on their teeth?

Patients with moderate and mild dental disorders, patients with gaps between their teeth, patients with broken teeth or patients who want to have their teeth done only for aesthetic concerns can have veneers, this decision depends on the patient’s own request and the doctor’s recommendations.

What should I do After Porcelain Veneer Treatment?

It is normal to experience sensitivity and pain within 1 week after the porcelain veneer process is completed. Avoiding very hot and cold food and beverages will facilitate the treatment period.

The duration of the veneers is generally about 10 years, but this period may be longer when the oral and dental care is done well and the patient pays attention to what he eats and drinks. Do not worry about yellowing of your coating over time, this is normal. When you encounter such a problem, you can contact your doctor and ask for guidance.

In which cases can laminate bonding  be applied?

In cases where there are deformities and distortions in the front teeth, in the repair of the teeth that have been broken due to any impact or for any reason, to restore them to their old natural aesthetic appearance, when it is desired to extend the teeth for a beautiful smile, Laminate veneer is often preferred in patients who have not accepted braces treatment due to aesthetic concerns and are not satisfied with the shape and posture of their teeth, when it is necessary to clean the caries and correct the destruction in the teeth.

Since the patient will be given local anesthesia during the rasping step during the treatment, any pain or pain situation is not very common. The duration of the treatment may vary depending on the number of teeth to be veneered and the condition of the teeth to be treated. However, if an extraordinary situation is encountered, the coating process on the patient’s teeth is completed in 3 sessions.