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Laser And Intraocular Lens

Definition of Intraocular Lens Therapy

Laser And Intraocular Lens; One of the most common methods used for the treatment of cataracts and refractive errors in the eye is intraocular lens therapy. This method is applied by removing the natural lens in the eye and placing the lenses produced with special technology.

In this treatment method, the lens inside the eye can be removed and replaced with a lens with multiple focus capabilities. Patients with cataract complaints or distant or near problems may be candidates for lens treatment.

How is Intraocular Lens Operation Performed?

This method is called clear lens exchange. The lens is placed in the eye with a 3 mm incision and the body takes its natural shape with the help of heat.

Since the treatment is also a cataract method, in a single session to be applied, both the cataract of the patient is treated and the problem of far and near vision is eliminated with the lens to be placed in the eye, in candidates deemed suitable by the doctor. Various rings are available in the lenses. Some of these rings allow you to see far and some of them allow you to see near.

Who can be treated with Intraocular Lens Treatment?

For intraocular lens treatment, it is very important whether the patient has difficulty seeing far or near. Another important issue in patient selection is the patient’s pupil size. First of all, the patient must undergo a detailed eye examination. Not every patient’s eye is suitable for this type of surgery.

The social activity, reading habits, profession, age and intellectual level of the patient with cataract are also important in patient selection. Increasing the success rate of treatment; It is possible with appropriate patient selection, appropriate technique, experience of the institution and physician where the surgery is performed, and of course the right lens.

What Should Be Considered After Intraocular Lens Treatment?

After the operation, vision reaches its normal level within 1-2 days. Antibiotic, cortisone eye drops and tear drops recommended by your doctor should be used for the recommended time. After the operation, the patient is discharged on the same day. Routine check-ups are postoperative 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 6 months, but the frequency and duration of checks may vary by the physician.