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Painless Hair Transplant

Painless Hair Transplant; The aim of a hair transplant is to give people with hair loss or hair problems due to various reasons healthy and natural hair in a comfortable way and with modern medical applications. Nowadays approximately fifty percent of all men over the age of fifty suffer from hair loss.

This is why a hair transplant application is the most commonly preferred cosmetic surgery by men. Hair loss can be seen in both women and men due to genetics, traumatic injuries, aging, various medical conditions, and a hair transplant, for hair loss of whatever reason, can be carried out if there are sufficient hair follicles that can be collected. A hair transplant cannot only be carried out on the head but also in other areas with insufficient hair growth such as beard, eyebrows or mustache.

The most comfortable hair transplant method; the FUE technique

The FUE-method is based on microsurgery and it is the most comfortable among the hair transplant methods. One of the subtypes of the FUE-method is the DHI-technique. In this method the hair follicle are gathered based on the FUE-method and after opening channels with the implanter needles, the hair is transplanted.

There are also the Sapphire FUE, hair transplant from wig, FUE with micro motor, robotic FUE and unshaven hair transplant techniques, which all have small differences but are all based on the FUE-method. The difference of these sub-methods are the quality and type of material used. The aim of all this technical improvement is to finish the operation with less pain.

During the FUE hair transplant operation, two areas of the body are intervened with on a micro level. First, the hair follicles are collected from the donor area with the help of a micro motor, after that millimetric incision are made in the area of the hair transplant to insert the collected follicles. However, there is a need for anesthesia in these two stages.

What is a painless hair transplant?

Painless hair transplantation means that the patient feels no pain when the local anesthesia is administered with a needle, which is necessary in order to collect and plant the hair follicles. During the hair transplant application, a local anesthesia is necessary when collecting the follicles and during the transplantation procedure and this local anesthesia is generally applied with a needle. The needles used for anesthesia are very thin and thus do minimal damage to the skin.