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    Who can do Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty; The person who is not satisfied with the shape of their nose and wants to have a more aesthetic nose can have rhinoplasty. In your meetings with our specialist do..


    What is mammoplasty? Mammoplasty; The ideal breast shape varies according to the body size of each person. Every woman wants to have the most ideal image. At your request, the aesthetic procedure to ..


    What is liposuction? Liposuction; The process of separating the fat layer under the skin of the person and removing it with the help of vacuum is called liposuction. This application is applied for b..


    Abdominaplasty; People who have excess skin and adipose tissue after giving or receiving in the abdomen can perfom this surgery. Fat tissue in the person decreases with weight loss. However, the exces..

    Face Lift-Rhytıdectomy

    Who can have face lift (Rhytidectomy) surgery? Face Lift; If sagging on your face with signs of aging bothers you, you are a suitable candidate for facelift surgery. What are the considerations when..


    Who gets GLUTEOPLASTY? Gluteoplasty; The person who has a projection or loss of volume in the butt area or is not satisfied with the shape of the buttock can have surgery if our specialist doctor dee..


    Brachioplasty; The upper arm area, namely the biceps skin, may sag as a result of aging and especially as a result of gaining and losing a lot of weight. It makes the person uncomfortable when he rais..

    Six Pack Operations

    Six Pack Operations; Abdominal muscle, as we know, has a structure that looks like a baklava slice. You can achieve this look with surgery without the need for sports. It is very difficult to have an ..

    Ear Aesthetics Operations-Autoplasty

    Who can have flap- eared aesthetics (Otoplasty)? Ear Aesthetics; If you suffer from ears that are too angled when viewed from the front and you are uncomfortable with this appearance, you can have pr..


    Gynecomastıa (Male Breast Enlargement ) Surgery Gynaecomastia; The condition that the breasts are larger than normal in men is called gynecomastia. There are two varieties. The first is the size of t..

    Cheek And Cheekbone Filling

    What is Cheek and Cheekbone Filling? Cheek And Cheekbone Filling; The protruding cheekbone of the person and the prominent jaw line reveal a triangular face appearance, that is, an ideal face format...

    Lip Filler

    What is Lip Filling? Lip Filler; The process of injecting dermal fillers into and around the inner part of the lips to shape or volumize the lip structure is called lip augmentation. The filler used ..

    Under Eye Light Treatment

    Under Eye Light Treatment; People with depressions and pits under their eyes may look tired, old, or unhealthy. There are a number of methods, both natural and medically prescribed, that they use to g..

    Eyebrow Lift

    Who Can Have Brow Lift Surgery? Eyebrow Lift; Since it is an aesthetic surgery application performed under anesthesia, the brow lift operation should be suitable for the patient's health status. How..

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    As Worldplast, we are a professional company that perform services in order to provide the transportation needs of our guests coming to Istanbul in the best way possible at Istanbul Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and the inner city. We perform service both vip transfer, genial team and with our years of experience.


    With 209 luxury rooms that designed as today’s contemporary, sophisticated traveller, include 25 Suites and 40 Gold Rooms. All elegantly lined rooms offer unique and personalized touches from their detached balcony and Bosphorus view. As the Worldplast family, we would be happy to accommodate you in the best hotel of Istanbul.

    Expert Team Staff

    Established with the mission of becoming a world brand in health, by making a difference with pioneering practices in the sector, in the light of ethical principles, with its distinguished staff and satisfaction-oriented service understanding at international quality standards, its specialist doctors who introduced world-class quality health care, combined their knowledge and experience with close attention. It is the address of confidence in health with its staff, patient-oriented service approach, quality policy, modern spaces equipped with advanced medical technology and comfortable patient rooms.

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    Bir Sağlık İstanbul Sağlık Turizm Eğitim Ve Danışmanlık San.Tic.Ltd Şti markası olan World Plast, ülkemize estetik ve estetik amaçlı gelmeyi planlayan kişilerin tedavilerine yönelik rehberlik, danışmanlık ve organizasyon hizmetlerinde faaliyet gösteren bir sağlık turizmi kuruluşudur. güzellik amaçlı Saç ekimi, saç tedavisi alanlarında hizmet vermektedir. Rehberlik ve organizasyon hizmetleri vermekte, güvenilirlik ve dürüstlük ilkesinden taviz vermeden hizmet vermektedir.

    World Plast Hair, taleplerinize ve aradığınız sağlık çözümlerine göre sizi en uygun tedavi seçeneği ve yöntemine yönlendirir. World Plast, estetik ve güzellik tedavilerinin yanı sıra saç ekimi ve saç tedavilerinin en iyi şekilde uygulanması konusunda titiz ve yasal sorumluluk bilinciyle hareket etmekte ve bu konuda rehberlik, danışmanlık ve organizasyon hizmetleri vermektedir.