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What is a dental implant?

Implant application is the best and most modern treatment method known in the treatment of tooth deficiencies. Thanks to new and technological materials, implant applications can be made much easier, painless and faster today. The implant application is placed in accordance with the bone and gingival tissue and compatible with the jaw closure.

On the other hand, implant-supported prostheses are provided to have aesthetics and functions just like real teeth. Thus, the implant and porcelain tooth that replaces the missing tooth can be easily used by the patient without any difference from his own tooth.

Is Dental Implant Application a painful process? With the application of new materials on titanium, the implant now adhere to the jawbone more quickly, and thus, prosthetic teeth can be applied on the implant immediately.

What are the stages of implant treatment?

  • Treatment planning: The implant is examined by radiological and examination of the patient’s intraoral bone structure, amount, quality of the bone and anatomical structure of the region. Treatment protocols are planned and the patient is informed.
  • Implant surgical application: General or local anesthesia is decided according to the surgical procedure and duration to be applied to the person, and also considering the patient’s demand. After all surgical sterile conditions are met for implant placement, implant cavities are prepared and implants are placed in the determined jawbone area. The implants are closed by suturing, and the healing process begins between 1.5 months and 4 months, depending on the case.
  • Healing process: Depending on the type of stitches thrown, they dissolve or are removed after 1 week. During this period, it is recommended to pay attention to oral care and use mouthwash to prevent bacteria formation on the stitches.
  • Production of Prostheses: The closing screws placed on the implants are opened at the end of the waiting period and the measurement is taken in the same session, porcelain teeth can be made in a short time such as 30 minutes – 1 day, depending on the tooth to be made with cerec. If the porcelain tooth needs to be done with the classical method, the treatment is completed within 3-4 days.