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Dental Scaler Cleaning

Dental Scaler Cleaning; Teeth cleaning is one of the periodontal treatments. It should be repeated at intervals of several years. Even if the mouth and its care are done regularly, as a result of the minerals in the nutrients and saliva secretion, dental calculus occurs.

Dental calculus cleaning is applied by physicians using various tools. Dental calculus, which is formed by the hardening of bacterial plaque over time, is also known among the people as tartar cleaning. Tartar turns the teeth from yellow to brown, and in addition to this color change, it causes tooth decay and bad breath.

How is Teeth Cleaning Performed?

It is performed by doctors using a number of medicines  and tools. The calculus cleaning process starts with ultrasonic devices, and by means of these devices, it is ensured that the stones are cracked thanks to the vibration path.

After the large calculus is separated from the teeth, water is sprayed into the mouth and the dissolved calculus is cleaned. Then, fine-structured tools are used for the remaining small calculus.

The process is continued until the tartar formed between the teeth and in the curved areas is cleaned. After this process is completed, the teeth are cleaned with toothpaste. Generally, it can be completed in as little as ten minutes, but it may vary depending on the density of the tartar.

The Importance of Teeth Cleaning

Failure or neglect of dental scaling can lead to the formation of some diseases. Gingival recession is one of these oral and dental health diseases. With gingival recession, problems such as opening between teeth and inflammation of tooth decay occur.

The resulting caries and inflammations damage the root of the tooth and can lead to tooth loss. In order to avoid these negative oral and dental health problems, it is necessary to have dental calculus cleaning regularly. In this way, you do not have to hide your smiles by having healthy and clean teeth.

If it is done with specialist physicians and devices with the necessary technology, no problems will be encountered and your teeth and gums will not cause any harm. Therefore, choosing the right doctor is a very important detail.