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Zirconıum Dental Bonding

Zirconıum Dental Bonding; It is a veneer treatment method that uses zirconium material as the main material. Thanks to its light transmittance level being close to natural teeth, it provides a natural and aesthetic appearance.

It is frequently applied today due to its tissue compatibility and aesthetic properties. With its high resistance, zirconium material is preferred not only for anterior teeth but also for posterior teeth that play an active role in chewing.

In Which Cases Does it Used?

It is a dental treatment method that is mostly applied in the field of aesthetics. Zirconium is used in cases where positive results are not achieved even though methods such as teeth whitening are applied. In general, the usage areas are as follows;

In advanced discoloration, in the treatment of hereditary structure discoloration In cases where orthodontic treatment is not desired, in the treatment of discrete or less perplexed, turned teeth such as “diastema”, in old fillings with discolored and distorted structure, as a crown or bridge in the posterior group teeth, in anterior group implant prostheses, to create smile aesthetics with zirconium coating is applied.

Does it damage my teeth if I get zirconium teeth bonding?

This application is a treatment method that also has positive effects on dental health. Because the zirconium material is more compatible with the gums and does not have a substance that will damage the gums. Gum diseases seen around the gums of teeth with zirconium coating are much lower than those of metal coatings.

People with allergies generally avoid metal-backed dental veneers. Thanks to the zirconium dental treatment offered to the medical world in an improved form, this problem also disappears. Because zirconium coating is an ideal dental treatment for those who are resistant to heat and allergic to metal.

How long do I use it?

The life of zirconium porcelain is about 5-15 years. With very good care, it can last up to 20 years. Zirconium does not harm oral and dental health.