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Gıngıval Aesthetics

Gıngıval Aesthetics; It is the treatment, also known as pink aesthetics, that corrects the existing recession and asymmetrical disorders in the gums with the treatment determined by the complaint of the person and the examination of the specialist doctor, bringing the teeth and gums to the required standards.

The treatment of gingival disorders, which negatively affect our social and professional life, is among the most preferred applications recently. Gum aesthetics is a procedure that can be applied to anyone whose gingiva and tooth structure are suitable for treatment, regardless of age.

In which cases can dental aesthetics be performed?

Disorders that cause a bad image while laughing or talking negatively affect the social life of the person. It is a method used in patients with gum recession, if the gums appear too much when smiling, if the color of the gums has become dark red or if there are stains, if the gum levels are of different sizes.

How does the procedure work?

The necessary treatment method is determined after the doctor’s examinations according to the demands and complaints of the person. Laser applications are generally used during the treatment, which is applied with the aim of ensuring that the mouth and tooth structure are aligned in accordance with the standards and to put an end to the patient’s aesthetic concerns.

How long does the healing process take?

Local anesthesia is applied to avoid the feeling of pain during gingival aesthetic applications. Painkillers determined by the doctor can be used for pain that may occur after the application. Laser applications are mostly used in treatments and since there is no bleeding, the healing process is faster than other treatment methods. The healing process takes place in about 10-14 days.

What are the advantages of gingival aesthetic procedure?

These applications are very important in the treatment of gingival diseases. In addition to preventing tooth loss, gingival aesthetics prevents the formation of dental inflammations and ensures the proper alignment of the teeth.

By getting rid of the worries about the aesthetic appearance, the negative effects in your social and professional life are eliminated, the tissues that your teeth need are made healthier, bleeding in the gums and mouth sores are prevented.