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Abdominaplasty; People who have excess skin and adipose tissue after giving or receiving in the abdomen can perfom this surgery. Fat tissue in the person decreases with weight loss. However, the excess skin resulting from weight loss may not decrease sufficiently. In this case, the excess tissues formed in the area are removed by surgical intervention and the restoration of the aesthetic appearance is provided.

How is tummy tuck surgery (Abdominoplasty) performed?

Excess tissues in the abdomen are removed with a horizontal incision in the underwear area. The anterior abdominal wall is tightened if there is an opening between your abdominal muscles. If there is excess fat tissue, liposuction procedure can be added to the surgery.

How does the tummy tuck surgery (Abdominoplasty) process work?

If, as a result of the evaluation made by our specialist doctor, there is no medical obstacle to your surgery, your surgery is planned. Your hospital stay after the operation is two days on average, and your controls are done approximately one week later.

Will I experience any adverse events?

You will receive detailed information from our specialist doctor about all possible problems during and after the operation. All necessary precautions are taken completely by our professional team under the management of our doctor to keep the risk of unwanted problems to a minimum.

When can I return to social life?

You can return to your social life in 15-20 days.