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Dental Prosthesıs

Dental Prosthesis; Our teeth and surrounding tissues can be damaged or completely lost for many reasons. Along with the lost teeth, chewing functions, speaking skills and aesthetic appearance are also lost at different rates.

Dental prosthesis aims to restore lost teeth both aesthetically and functionally. It tries to maintain the existence of other teeth and tissues in the mouth in a healthy way.

What are dental prosthesis applications?

Fixed prostheses:

As an example of fixed prostheses, we can give examples of crowns and bridges, which are the intraoral superstructure of intra-osseous implant applications (screw form), or crown-bridge prostheses such as implants that transmit the chewing load on the teeth, not the bone, and are applied by covering the teeth with some abrasion of the teeth. Fixed prostheses may be metal-based in terms of material (ceramic crowns-bridges) or metal-free.

removable prostheses:

Removable dentures are removable dentures supported by remaining teeth or extraction spaces. Examples of these prostheses are total prostheses applied in edentulous patients, tissue supported total prostheses on implants, prostheses that are attached to the patient’s existing teeth with hooks or invisible precision attachments.

The diversity of the remaining tissue amount of the patient with tooth loss, the position, health and number of the remaining teeth, as well as the patient’s economic status, current x-ray findings, jaw closing relationship, age and many other factors are evaluated, and the most important issues that the patient can adopt psychologically are evaluated.

Why is prosthetic treatment needed?

Today, prostheses are aimed at making the patient feel better both socially and psychologically, with the contribution they make to the eating function, smile and speech of individuals.

What are the Advantages of Dental Prosthesis Treatment?

-Depending on which teeth are missing, the problems related to speaking skills are eliminated.

-The aesthetic image that the person has lost is regained.

-The person has sufficient and healthy chewing function.

The collapses that occur in the lip and cheek area due to the lack of teeth are prevented.

-With the restoration of oral and dental health as a whole, the psychological problems experienced due to this situation disappear.