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Dhi Hair Transplantation

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair loss occurs in most people due to aging. At least 50% of all men experience hair loss or baldness when they reach the age of 50. If you are someone, who feels like you have just reached the top in your physical and social life or career, the last thing you want is to look older than you feel. However, with a hair transplant you can gain back your previous look.brand german remedies supplements

DHI (direct hair transplant) may be a solution to your problem. It is a safe, efficient and most importantly permanent treatment for hair loss.

What is DHI hair transplantation?

During the DHI hair transplant, healthy hair follicles are collected safely with a special tool without damaging the hair roots and surrounding skin. The follicles are then kept in a solution to ensure their survival outside of the body. To control the depth, angle and direction of the hair to be implanted another special tool called DHI implanter is used, to give the hair a natural look. There are no sutures or scars in the DHI hair transplantation method, which enables quicker healing.

The DHI process is carried out under local anesthesia and depending on the area to be treated, it can take up to 8 hours in one session or two sessions on two days. It is possible to return to work the next day.

As with any surgery, it is important to follow the instructions given by the clinic to ensure that you get the best results from your treatment. To decrease the risk of inflammation and infection, sterile saline must be used to keep the transplant area moist. During antibiotic treatment, it is important not to smoke or drink alcohol for 7 days after the procedure.

DHI hair transplantation is a very safe method with low risk of complications and a very high rate (more than 90%) of hair survival.

Things you need to do to keep the grafted hair follicles healthy in the following weeks and months after the procedure:

Avoid sun exposure, do not swim for 2 weeks and do not carry out intense exercise for 4 weeks

Apply Minoxidil cream twice a day to dry scalp 10 days after the procedure to protect the ungrafted hair follicles

Avoid hair care products or other chemicals such as antidandruff hair shampoo

If you notice something unexpected or think, you may have an infection contact your doctor immediately.