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Who can do Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty; The person who is not satisfied with the shape of their nose and wants to have a more aesthetic nose can have rhinoplasty. In your meetings with our specialist doctor, your requests regarding your expectations from this operation will be taken.

If you have any medicine that you take regularly,  it is questioned whether they will interfere with the surgery. If there is no obstacle in the evaluation made after the interview by our doctor, the operation is performed.

What should be considered when performing rhinoplasty?

The primary goal for rhinoplasty is to achieve the result that you will be most satisfied with. Our doctor listens to your requests with an expert survey.

The operation is planned in the way that best suits your face. Your cartilage and bone structure, the condition of your existing tissues, a history of surgery or trauma affect the operation process. All these details are discussed with you in detail in the pre-operative meeting (consultation).

Which techniques are used in rhinoplasty? 

The operations are performed with two techniques, open and closed. There is no such thing as any one of these techniques is more effective than the other. Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages with  each other. As a result of the evaluations made by our specialist doctor, the technique to be used is planned. It should not be forgotten that the most important thing is the image/result to be achieved after the surgery.

Can breathing problems get better with Rhinoplasty?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty. Mechanical obstructions that close or narrow the airway in the nose, the weak resistance of the nasal structures against the negative pressure during breathing, and the thickening of the nasal mucosa due to allergic causes can make breathing difficult.

All these problems are treated during the surgery. In case of breathing problem due to allergic reasons, if the cause is not eliminated, breathing problem may occur again.

Do I have any pain, bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty, how does the procedure works?

Pain thresholds changes from person to person. Pre-operative preparation, surgical procedures to be performed during the operation and anesthesia, and the medications given after the operation are optimized by the expert team so that you can get through this whole process in the lightest way possible.

In cases where swelling or bruising occurs, 90% reduction occurs within a week. After the surgery, a plastic splint and soft silicone pads are placed on your nose that allow you to breathe in your nostrils.

These applications to your nose are necessary for the first week after the surgery to maintain its new shape and to limit the edema that will occur. After the first week, splints and tampons will be removed and ergonomic skin bands will be attached to the upper part of your nose.