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Face Lift-Rhytıdectomy

Who can have face lift (Rhytidectomy) surgery?

Face Lift; If sagging on your face with signs of aging bothers you, you are a suitable candidate for facelift surgery.

What are the considerations when performing a facelift (Rhytidectomy) surgery?

We take an approach to eliminating the signs of aging without spoiling your natural look.

How is face lift (Rhytidectomy) surgery performed?

Face and neck lift surgeries can be performed together or separately. Along with the excess skin, the SMAS on the face and the platysma layer on the neck are tightened.

Will I have  any pain, bruising and swelling after face lift (Rhytidectomy) surgery?

Pain threshold is different for every person. With the preparations made before the operation, the surgical and anesthesia techniques during the operation, and the medications given after the operation, we enable you to overcome this whole process in the lightest way possible. In cases where bruising and swelling occur, 90% reduction is seen within a week.

How long should I stay in Hospital?

It is enough to stay in the hospital for one night. After about 15 days, you can return to your social life.

Will I experience any negativity after face lift (Rhytidectomy) surgery?

You will receive detailed information from our specialist doctor about all possible problems during and after the operation. All necessary precautions are taken completely by our professional team under the management of our doctor to keep the risk of unwanted problems to a minimum.