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Orthodontia – Dental Braces Treatments

Orthodontia generally aims at successful mouth closure. It covers the treatments required for the correct alignment of the teeth in the opposing jaws. Orthodontics is the treatment method that ensures the correct alignment of the teeth on the jawbone, both functionally and aesthetically.

It diagnoses and treats problems that disrupt the harmony between the jaw and teeth. Conditions such as crooked, missing teeth, closure problems in the jaw, stenosis of the jaw, jaw fractures, jaw traumas, forward or backward jaw are included in the field of orthodontics.

In Which Conditions is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

One of the most common causes is the misalignment of the teeth. As a result of the deterioration of the position, there are sometimes undesirable changes in the posture of the chin and indirectly the whole face. Orthodontic treatment can be applied only after the examination and planning of dentists who have specialized in orthodontics.

How is Orthodontic Treatment applied?

There are different methods of orthodontic treatment  in order to ensure harmony between the jaws or to bring the teeth to their ideal positions in the mouth and arrange them correctly. These appliances can be fixed or mobile.

After the examination, diagnosis and diagnosis made by the specialist dentist, the necessary treatment method is determined. The treatment process is started with the most suitable appliance for the treatment decided.

The fixed devices used during treatment are dental braces. Elements such as treatment, wires, brackets, tapes can be applied separately or together. Dental braces are attached one by one to the inner or outer surface of the teeth. Thanks to these, the teeth are moved and the application continues until they reach their appropriate places.

Metal brackets located between fixed brackets are often used. Transparent plaque, which is prepared in the color of the transparent teeth or transparent and which is less obvious, provides a more aesthetic appearance during the treatment process of the person. Finally, lingual brackets are attached to the inner surface of the teeth. Therefore, they are not visible at all when viewed from the outside.