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Cheek And Cheekbone Filling

What is Cheek and Cheekbone Filling?

Cheek And Cheekbone Filling; The protruding cheekbone of the person and the prominent jaw line reveal a triangular face appearance, that is, an ideal face format. Not everyone has a triangular face due to aging or personal characteristics.

Over time, tissue accumulation on the laugh lines increases and the laugh lines deepen. In addition, noticeable dimples occur in the cheek area in thin patients. This appearance makes the person look bigger and paler than they are.

Is surgery necessary in the cheek and cheekbone augmentation process?

Actually, is not.  Fat injection can be applied to fill these areas. But the most effective method without surgery is ready-to-face filling applications. The filling made to the cheekbone both creates a fullness in that area and creates a recovery with a lifting effect on the face. The filler applied to the cheeks reduces skin depressions and wrinkles and gives that area a better and aesthetic appearance.

What should be done before operation?

Although the demands and expectations of the patients are listened to, the filling should be applied especially after a good analysis of the face, and the areas of the face that need filling should be specified. The patient’s face should be definitely drawn and it should be determined in advance how and how much volume will be given to which area.

Who can do cheek and cheekbone filling?

Usually, cheek filling is applied to patients with a thin face or who have recently lost excessive weight. Filling the cheekbones is done to people who do not have enough volume in the area, either structurally or due to aging. Sometimes these regions are interconnected. Treating both areas at the same time provides a better facial harmony and softens the malar cheek transition.

How is the filling treatment applied and how long you can keep it?

The dose to be applied in the filling treatment varies according to the desired target volume and the resulting volume loss. The application is made into the deep layer and even directly on the bone. Using a cannula is a better option. In general, 0.5-2 cc filler application for each region in the cheekbone area gives effective results.

0.5-2 cc application in the cheek area is sufficient. Often the preferred method is to fill the volume. Voluma filler provides a good volume gain to the face. Alternatively, it can be used in Radiesse. Persistence ranges from 1 to 2 years. The filling made to the cheek and cheekbone area should be done in a natural and aesthetic way by restoring the lost volumes and regulating the facial proportions.