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What is mammoplasty?

Mammoplasty; The ideal breast shape varies according to the body size of each person. Every woman wants to have the most ideal image. At your request, the aesthetic procedure to be performed is determined by the expert team depending on the existing breast tissue and skin membrane. 

Which techniques are applied?

According to the demands, breast aesthetics are classified as follows:

– Those with low breast volume; breast augmentation (augmentation)

– If the breast volume is low and the skin envelope is high; breast augmentation and lift (mastopexy-augmentation)

– If the breast volume is sufficient but there is excess skin envelope; breast lift (mastopexy),

– If it is present in the breast volume and skin envelope; breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty)

operations are done.

– During the meeting with our specialist doctor, the operation plan is determined, and then you are informed about the details and the method.

Do I have any scar after the operation?

One of the most asked questions about this surgery is scar. If the augmentation operation is to be performed with a prosthesis only, there will be a scar of approximately 4 cm in length, which will remain in the sub-breast fold.

In other surgeries, although the horizontal length of the scar changes in line with the amount of skin to be removed, an “Inverted T” shaped scar is formed, extending straight down from the nipple and horizontally in the sub-breast fold.

Will breast functions deteriorate after breast aesthetic surgery?

In all surgical techniques, it is aimed to protect the lactiferous duct as much as possible. The implanted breast prosthesis does not create any obstacle to breastfeeding. It is inevitable that there will be a change in the shape of the breast due to the increase in breast volume only after birth.

After the lactation period is completed, a decrease in breast volume is observed again. This change affects the aesthetic appearance of the breasts.

Will I experience any negativity after the operation?

In the pre-operative meeting with our specialist doctor, you will get detailed information about the operation process and all the problems that may occur after it.

All necessary precautions are taken by our specialist doctor and professional team to keep the risk of unwanted problems to a minimum. If all the conditions are met, it will be sufficient to stay in the hospital for only one night. After 15 days, you can return to your daily life.