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Gluteoplasty; The person who has a projection or loss of volume in the butt area or is not satisfied with the shape of the buttock can have surgery if our specialist doctor deems it appropriate as a result of the evaluation.

Which  techniques are used?

After the inspection, your requests are taken. Your needs are determined by our doctor. If there is a lack of volume in the butt area, butt prosthesis and fat injection surgeries are planned. Butt lift surgery is preferred if there is excess skin and sagging in the area. You will be informed in detail about the surgery to be performed in the pre-operative meeting.

Does it have any  adverse condition?

You will receive detailed information from our specialist doctor about all possible problems during and after the operation. All necessary precautions are taken by our professional team under the management of our doctor to keep the risk of unwanted problems to a minimum. You can return to your social life after about 15 days.