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PRP (platelet rich plasma)  

Prp; If you have rare and weak hair you can support to return of your hair to its old healthy and strong days with PRP method. Hair PRP method ensures the revitalization of your hair follicles, so that your weakened or thinning hair becomes stronger by receiving the necessary cell renewal support.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and in hair prp method, it is aimed to repair the hair follicles by applying the materials which taken from the patient’s  own blood to the scalp.

Hair PRP application has become one of the best methods applied in the prevention of hair loss, providing great benefits in a short time.

First of all, 10 to 20 ml blood taken from person.

The blood that was taken separated from the red cells in the blood by specially developed centrifugation and microfiltration methods.

After this process, a plasma material rich in platelet and thrombocyte cells emerges and this material can be applied to the hair follicles.

After the surgical procedure, the hair follicles begin to repair themselves and return to their healthy state.

Briefly, PRP is a new treatment technique based on new hair growth, prevention of hair loss and growth of thinned hair using the patient’s own blood. This is definitely not an operation, it is a practice similar to outpatient treatment.

Does PRP Grow Hair?

Does PRP treatment start to grow hair for those who have no hair, in short, those who are bald? Everyone has this question in their mind. No, it definitely does not grow up hair. It is absolutely impossible to achieve hair formation in the balding area other than hair transplantation. The price of hair PRP treatment varies.