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Sapphire Technique

The natural results obtained with the FUE method, one of the most modern and widespread hair transplantation techniques today,  have further reinforced this success by using a method of sapphire hair transplant and special sapphire tools.

In the sapphire technique the hair follicles collected in the neck are sown in three dimensional channels instead of two dimensional slots with special sapphire needle devices made from genuine sapphire and which mitigate damage to the tissue.

Since these channels which are the same size as the hair roots are opened using special sapphire needle devices.

The damage to the tissue in the area where the hair transplant is performed is minimal and the cure rate is 2 times higher.

With the Sapphire technique the sown area is quickly recovered. In this scarring-free technique canals that are the same size as the roots of planted hair do not damage the roots by opening the hair follicles in the seedling area.

The risk of edema resulting from hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique is quite low. The sapphire technique gives natural results, creating this image because the hair is planted at right angles.

In the Sapphire technique the hair is planted in three-dimensional channel. By adjusting the angles and changes of direction are prevented. Small channels of the size of the hair used in the Sapphire technique allow to open the number of channels, thus a twice as frequent hair transplant can be provided. The number of hair planted per square centimeter can reach 40 to 50  grafts.

FUE Technique

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is used to remove hair follicles from the scalp, one by one, with a diameter of less than 0.9 mm (punch) without any incision.
It is the advanced version of the technique called fox which was found by Dr. Ray Woods and developed by  Dr. William Rassman.
The hair is one of the accessories that complement our appearance. For years people have suffered hair loss due to many reasons. Some of them preferred to use wigs and prostheses to keep this problem a secret, while others tried to grow their hair from the side and hide the open area. In response to these problems, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) technique came onto the agenda. Then, it gave its way to the FUE technique, since this technique was easy to apply and more convenient for the patient.
If we are to explain the hair transplantation process known in Turkey and the world, it is as follows: First the hairless areas are spotted then the hair of the patient is trimmed. Local anesthesia is performed to the area from which the follicles will be taken. Using punches, 0,9 mm in diameter or smaller, the follicles are taken cylindrically from the donor area (between 2 ears) in the direction to which the hair grows with a piece of epithelial tissue. Then the canals of the grafts to be placed in the open region are opened. Once the canals have been opened, the grafts are placed into these canals one by one. This completes the process. Dressing is done by applying antibiotic pomade to the donor area on the neck and the area is closed. One day later the dressing area is opened and hair washing must be started 3 days following the procedure. The success of the procedure 50% depends on the operating team and 50%  depends on the patient's post-operative care. We provide orientation to the team on our consultancy service.After the procedure, we perform a supervision that is useful for the care of the patient.
It is important that those who have drug allergies, those with cardiovascular disease, those who need regular medical care, such as diabetes, should be honest about their health background.

We also help with transportation and accommodation for our patients from abroad.We meet them with our VIP vehicles from the airport and take our patients to our accredited places.When all of your operations are finished, we provide you with the comfort of a VIP vehicle and transfer you to the airport according to your departure date and time.If you wish to see the historical and cultural sights of Istanbul and discover the city, we guide you.We leave you the option to choose a hotel as the World plast hair center family. We provide you transportation services on the day of the operation and after the operation with our VIP vehicles.

Computerized hair analysis (phototricogram) is a simple, non-invasive, reproducible method of hair tracking.
With computerized hair analysis;

    • The type of hair loss can be determined.
    • The degree of hair loss can be measured.
    • Hair density can be calculated.
    • The thickness of your hair can be examined.
    • The ratio of the hair on the anogen and telogen can be measured.

Hair phototherapy: With this method, light-sensitive cells in the biology of the body are activated by irradiating the body of a person who is suffering from hair loss, this stimulates the growth factor in the follicles is activated. Phototherapy is used to ensure that dead cells are removed and live cells strengthened. This method has been approved by the EU and the US and implemented by Ege University Faculty of Medicine Department of Dermatology in Turkey. Thanks to this method, bald areas experience hair regrowth and further hair Loss has been prevented.


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