Hair Phototherapy

Hair phototherapy: With this method, light-sensitive cells in the biology of the body are activated by irradiating the body of a person who is suffering from hair loss, this stimulates the growth factor in the follicles is activated.

Phototherapy is used to ensure that dead cells are removed and live cells strengthened.

This method has been approved by the EU and the US and implemented by Ege University Faculty of Medicine Department of Dermatology in Turkey.

Thanks to this method, bald areas experience hair regrowth and further hair Loss has been prevented.

There is no side effect of the hair phototherapy method. The most advantageous aspect of it is that it does not cause any pain. A 12-minute phototherapy session, once a week, sees hair growth in the bald area in 6 to 12 weeks.

It was also found that existing hair gained health and the thinning hairs are strengthened.

Positive effects of hair phototherapy;

Hair phototherapy is effective in accelerating the growth of hair loss problems caused by chemotherapy treatment in cancer patients.

It stops alopecia and boosts hair growth.

Strengthens hair.

The negative effects of phototherapy;

It should not be used by pregnant women.

Those who have a pace maker or with heart problems cannot be treated by phototheraphy.

It should not be use by people with any metal prostheses in the head area.