Computerized Hair Analysis

Computerized hair analysis (phototricogram) is a simple, non-invasive, reproducible method of hair tracking.
 With computerized hair analysis;
    • The type of hair loss can be determined.
    • The degree of hair loss can be measured.
    • Hair density can be calculated.
    • The thickness of your hair can be examined.
    • The ratio of the hair on the anogen and telogen can be measured.
Hair analysis gives information about the condition of the patients' hair. In addition, the obtained data allows us to predict the Hair Loss that may occur in the near future.
On 40x enlarged photographs, which region hair must be transplanted is determined. The condition of the hair before and after hair transplantation can be compared with photographs and numerical analyzes.
If the patient is not suitable for the hair transplant, or if he or she is seeking treatment other than hair transplantation, treatments such as  hair mesotherapy can be followed with the most reliable and objective hair analysis.
Hair analysis is a service that is provided free of charge to patients who are referred to the clinic for hair problems.