Salmon DNA

Some of the minerals, amino acids, nucleotides necessary for cell metabolism, as well as stem cells, cultural fibroblasts and PRP applications originating from our own body in our scalp hair can be given in small quantities to deep upper layers by napping technique. The most important of these is the DNA Salmon , which contains nucleotide. It is not really made from salmon fish, of course. It is produced in the laboratory after a separation method discovered from the sperm DNA of salmon.

What does the DNA Salmon  do for us?

In our cells, DNA is like a spiral guide. You need to read this manual for all functions. The renewal process is one of them. This reading process is always accompanied by writing. Nucleotides are the inks we need during this writing. Injecting  nucleotides to scalp using Mesotherapy increases the vital activities of the follicles.

The DNA Salmon  is currently being combined in many cosmetic applications. Extremely successful results are also achieved in the strengthening of hair. In addition applications  before and after hair transplantation strengthens the follicles.