PRP Technique (Platelet Rich Plasma)

 There are certain reasons for hair loss and other disorders that occur in the scalp. The capillaries feeding the hair follicles carry the necessary building materials to the hair follicles through blood circulation.

Our blood is a fluid that is constantly moving in the vein. This fluid consists of two basic parts. Plasma and cells form these two parts. Today, unfortunately, there are many factors that prevent the hair follicles from getting the nutrients they need. The main personal factors are genetic factors, circulatory disorders, and aging. However, Environmental factors, smoking, unbalanced diet, cosmetic products can also be counted in this list.

Each human has an average of 5-6 liters of blood in their body. The blood consists of 50-60% liquid plasma. The other 40-50% consists of cells. The basic cells of the blood are composed of three basic cells: erythrocytes (red blood cells), leukocytes (white blood cells), and platelets (coagulation cells).

Platelets are the smallest cells without a nucleus in the blood. Their main task is to coagulate. In other words, when we have a cut, the platelets form a protective layer on the wound that stops the bleeding. This layer also plays an important role in wound healing. Thanks to platelet functions, new tissues are formed. When finally the scab comes off, we see the skin reforming at the bottom. This power of platelets has begun to be used in many areas of medicine.

Your own blood is ready to take you back in time. With the recently expanding practice of PRP treatment by specialists, your hair follicles that are about to die and are thinning will revive and your hair will get back to its old health. Circulatory disorders, aging, smoking, unbalanced diet,  cosmetic products.  PRP Hair Therapy is based on the principle of eliminating hair loss, greasy hair, and dandruff caused by these adverse conditions by transferring the restorative materials present in the person's own blood to the scalp. These restorative materials in the blood, which we call the growth factor, are injected into the scalp.

The reason for the expansion of the field of application in the preferred direction of the specialized surgeons is that the PRP treatment is more effective than the other treatments with injections performed up to now and shows its effects within the first session. This application is based on the renewal of the underlying tissue. In this operation, there is no pain or scarring and it lasts for only 30 minutes in total. The patients can return to his normal life shortly. PRP is administered once a month for three months. Once this period is completed, it is sufficient to administer PRP treatment once a year