What should be done after hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a serious operation. Hence, it requires serious research and preliminary preparation before planting and there are some very important points that need to be taken in to account following the operation. What to do and not to do from the first night is determined by experts. The more careful the patient is, the better result he gets. You had the operation. You went back to the hotel or your house. You should spend the first night very carefully.
Following the prescribed medical instructions will shorten the healing process. Take your prescribed medicine regularly After the operation, in the first 3 days one should  avoid heavy work, stress, sports, sex.   Avoid using alcohol while taking your medicine. Avoid incidents that may cause stress and panic. Our hair roots are sensitive and psychology directly affects our hair as it affects every part of our body. You should sleep on your back for the first 10 days. If the top of your head has been transplanted, your neck area can be supported with a towel roll.You can eliminate the risk of the pillow rubbing against your operated area.
On the first day hair should never be washed. On the day after the operation, the dressing is done in the hospital where the transplantation was done. The first wash is performed on the 3rd day after planting. You can also do the first wash at home, after you are informed about the details.
Following the physician's advice, the first hair wash should be performed 3 days after the operation. With the recommended lotion and special shampoo you can wash your hair only once in 10 days.
Hair wash; the recommended lotion will be applied to the region where the transplantation has been performed without applying pressure and will be left  for 20 minutes. The lotion absorbed by the skin allows it to soften in its scabs. This helps to remove the scabs much easier. After 20 minutes, the lotion is rinsed with warm and non-pressurized water. Then recommended shampoo is applied to the nape area where the follicles have been taken. The foam is then applied to the area with gentle motions.Washing should be done towards the direction of the hair. The opposite direction should be avoided. This process is applied 2 times with soft motions and the area is rinsed thoroughly. At the end of 10 days, the scabs will fall out. Only hairs will remain on the transplanted area. After 1 month, some of the transplanted hair will fall out. Then the permanent hair will start growing. The exact result shows itself in 1 year.