Preventing Hair Loss

Eat foods high in biotin. (Lentil, bulgur, rice, bean, walnut, soy, sunflower and oat)

Products that may damage the hair and scalp should be avoided. Foods high in protein should be consumed. Group B vitamins can be taken. If you are iron and zinc deficient supplements should be taken.

• Stay away from stress

• Smoking and alcohol should be used in moderation.

• Do not wash your hair every day. It is sufficient to wash it with a pH 5.5 shampoo every 2 days.

• If you are using hair gel, you must wash it every other day. (the hair gel prevents the hair from breathing and thus causes hair loss)

• Taking high doses of vitamin A triggers hair loss.

• Massaging hair in the direction of the blood flow on the scalp prevents hair loss.

• Rinsing your hair with sage or apple vinegar will add to the vitality of your hair.

• Green tea and nettle contain the minerals that prevent hair loss.

•Plenty of vegetables and fruit should be consumed but starch should be avoided.