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Ear Aesthetics Operations-Autoplasty

Who can have flap- eared aesthetics (Otoplasty)?

Ear Aesthetics; If you suffer from ears that are too angled when viewed from the front and you are uncomfortable with this appearance, you can have prominent ear (otoplasty) surgery.

What is considered when performing flap- eared aesthetics (Otoplasty)?

In particular, it is aimed to bring the angles inside the ear to acceptable sizes without spoiling the natural appearance.

How is Flap-Eared  Aesthetics (Otoplasty) surgery performed?

With an incision applied behind the ear, the ear cartilage is reached. Permanent sutures are placed by adjusting the angles of the cartilages. The purpose of these stitches is to protect the shape of the ear.

How does the procedure work after the surgery?

The length of stay is one day. If everything goes well after a day, you will be discharged. For four weeks you must use the special ear bandage that we will give you. After about 15 days, you can regain your social life.